Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday follow up...

Ok, so I'm not as computer savvy as I thought I could be.

If you were one of the lucky folks who got an item in the Black Friday sale and you've NOT heard from me, it's because I can't find a "reply to poster" function on the blog software, so I don't know your email addy to respond.

Drop me an email if you can (rody at groovycycleworks dot com)... looking to hear from;

DM, James W, Tim, and Chauncey

Shop happenings;

Spent the day stripping the rear end of Chris's SS coupler bike...he had a large, ugly blemish on his seat tube where during traveling, the cassette sat against it and rubbed the entire trip home, ouch! Couple that with some missing paint on the dropout and nicks here and there, and it was going to be easier to repaint it than try to feather in and touch up all the spots.

I also prepped Erics 650b for paint. I decided that to wait any longer for the Hot Rods was going to kill me as I would like Eric to enjoy it before he is totally under 6' of snow, so it will get painted up this week and sent out with a temporary crank.

Goyo's frame is ready to be welded up, I'll probably hit that Thursday, prep for paint, then spend Friday through Sunday throwing color around.

I'm going to dedicate two weeks this month to hitting small projects. I know alot of folks have been super patient in waiting for small parts, so I'm going to knock out as many as I can. Upcoming, I have a set of Bullmoose bars, some custom bar/stem combos, and a few forks.

Luv Handles;

All the bars for the year should be out to y'all by the end of the week...just have some glass beading to do on the remaining Ti bars and I'll be all finished. Not going to do another run until January and the list is about half full for February delivery, so if you need some, now is the time to act.

Blah, blah, blah;

It's hard to believe but the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show is looming just around the corner and I've got quite a bit of prep to do just to get ready. I'm going to get Jay's bike out to him and then it looks like I'll have two customer bikes (Hoss and the Vulture's Knob raffle bike) to fabricate that I'll take along. Add that to the belt drive bike, which is going to have a super special paint job, and a tandem and it will be a BUSY first couple months of the year. If y'all have the opportunity to attend the Indy show, do so, it is mucho fun!

catch you tomorrow,



Anonymous said...

I'm hoping one of those Ti Luvs are coming my way. Should be a 28" wide version, right?

DM said...

Hi Rody,

Emailed you about the "Black Friday" bars.



Rody said...

You Got it Vince, 28's are coming at ya ;)

lemojak said...

Hi Rody...Is my Ti and Steel bars in the plane to Singapore yet?


Chauncey Matthews said...

So, you're almost as inept with this computer stuff as I am ;)
E mail sent...and thanks!