Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Groovy Open House
May 23, 2009
1000 - 1400
Ever wonder what goes on in a framebuilder's shop? Want to see all the grime and "glory" in person? Really don't care about the first two but want to get your grub on with some free food?... here's the opportunity to do it on my dime.
You are cordially invited to attend the Groovy Spring Open House on Saturday May 23, 2009. Shop tours, tech talk, good food, and a lot of socializing will be in full force. Whether you are a customer, friend, or just wanna see what custom is all about, feel free to stop on by. Throw in some door prizes, a couple games of corn hole, and we've got a dilly of a good time. We'll wind up the fun and then head out to Vulture's Knob for the Groovy Race series #2, where we will ride the Knob's challenging trails, eat some more, chill to some killer tunes by the bonfire, then turn into the tents and sleeping bags to camp out for the night.
Should be an excellent time for all.
Drop me a note if y'all plan to attend so I can insure that I get enough food and drink for all.


rmb said...

Wish I could come, but with a new baby and being 457 miles away it will be hard to sneak out.

Simo said...

Would also like to come, but I'm on the over side of the world.
Any chance of a visual work thru via video or photos for those of us who can't make it?

henry said...

Yeah a walk thru on film would be great for those that cant get there

Rody said...


I'll see if I can't put together a "virtual" tour for y'all on that day. I'll miss ya...


Anonymous said...

For those bewildered by the comment, 'cornhole' is a game similar to horseshoes involving beanbags.

rmb said...

Thanks for the cornhole explanation as it has a whole different meaning here in New York :).