Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hump day musings...

Wish I could entertain y'all with exciting tales from the shop today, but alas, things were fairly quiet as today was the day I burned doing all the mundane chores such as paying bills, ordering supplies, filing, and preparing quarterly sales tax info...blech!

I did get some creativity time though, as I finished up three more LD stems and got to do some wrenching. Bill from Ride On had been after me to get him a bike for display in his shop. As everything I build is custom for each customer, I really don't have a lot of product just hanging around gathering dust. Then I remembered one item from the rafters...the Rasta Yo replica. This guy was built for the handmade show a few years ago and was sold, then the customer had to back out on the deal due to some financial hardship. Up into the shelves it went where I forgot about it. Given the current need, I pulled it down and built it up to send to the LBS.

A nice mix of retro and modern parts, it has Phil wheels rolling on Timbuk2s from First Flight, Onza brakes, Thomson stem and post, Groovy Ti bar, an XT 1x9 drive train, and a NOS perforated Flite Ti saddle...yummy.

If nothing else, it should be an eye catcher for the shop.
Jeff P stopped by to get his single speed all ready for this weekends Mohican 100 off road race. I can't imagine doing 100 miles off road on a single speed, let alone racing it, but Jeff is all set to go. Good luck to ya!
In a flash of vintage reminiscence, Michael M. brought his IF #52 out to ride with me in the evening. Despite ominous weather with rolling thunder clouds and the occasional rumble, we had a nice ride tossing through the woods carving up the turns. After the sweaty glow of fun had subsided, we chilled under the pavilion and chatted as the rain drops started to fall. A nice end to a good day.

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IF52 said...

That trail is bitchin', and the bridges are crazy. Even as beat as I felt yesterday I had a blast.

And seeing how sleek that Rohloff setup is, wow! Maybe next bike...