Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Monday, honor, fabrication, and fun

Monday was Memorial Day to honor those that serve and have served in the service of our country. As a member of our fire department, I participated in the parade walking as a member of our honor guard, carrying the colors of our country.

It was a nice turnout from the community, lining the streets to view the procession. The guys from the local bike shop came out to ride as a group, dressed in red/white/blue; Bill sporting the penny farthing and Hoss on an offset wheeled bike.

A nice brunch with the family wrapped up the morning then I was off to the shop. I got started today on a few more LD stems and some Ho forks. Jeroen was disappointed that I did not show how I bent the tubing when I did the LD video, so here ya go guy...

The bodies on these stems are 1.125 4130 tubing and are loaded into my JD3 bender, which has shaped dies that completely wrap around the tubing to support the wall and prevent wrinkles or uneven stretch marks. It looks a bit complex to set up, but believe me, if I can figure it out, anyone can :)
After a few moments pulling the tubing through the dies, we've got a nicely shaped piece of steel.
I lay out each stem on the table first, so I can discern the appropriate rise and reach for each order, then make the miters to keep all my centerlines intact. Here are a few stems all mitered up and ready for tacking...

After some welding and brazing on of the pinch bolts, I called it a day and got ready to spend the evening with some friends riding a bit of single track then cooking out in the last rays of light. I paused long enough to photo some of the flora along the trail, which along with the mosquitoes, are in full bloom.

I ran the new puppy on the trail with the kids for a few short laps and he did really well. The highlight of the ride being when I was cruising down a short flat section, moving quickly with a large deer running about 20 feet in front of me and Frankie jingling along at break neck pace behind. Too cool.
As the sun set, it was nice to chill with some friends and family and enjoy a nice balanced day; a little community service, 6 hours having fun in the shop, and time with family and friends. We should all be so lucky.


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