Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Groovy Series #3 and Wootown SS challenge

Ok, I promised y'all some info and photos on this past weekend's race festivities, so strap in and hang on.

Groovy Race #3 dawned sunny with a whole lot of promise in the forecast. My day started a whole lot earlier though, as I worked through some more forks/paint in the shop. I had hoped to be out to the Knob by 1500 hours to help with final set up and registration, but by 1230 I still had not started working on the Wootown trophy, so I made a mad run at the mill and welder to put together something cool and unusual. I ended up welding up a three riser trophy with striped chromoly legs turned on the lathe and cross members, rough sawn wood front plates cut like a mountain trail, and custom Sharpee words (hokey, yeah, but fun none the less). I welded in a bottom bracket and freewheel stud so that I could mount a single speed set up. At 1455 I was struggling to get the chain on and into the car...I kept burning my hands from the still smoking hot welds, OUCH!

The end result was the #1 Bad Ass MOFO trophy, a revolving piece that will have the winner's name laser cut into a piece of stainless and tacked on from year to year. Here's Bob, the eventual winner, holding the prize.

As we've been encouraging more of a family event, we had an impromptu kids race, bringing out 10 participants to enjoy the course before Mom and Dad got going. The final race, we will advertise the kid's event and hope to grow it to at least double, as the kids are the future of mountain bike racing here.
The series race went off without a hitch, as Dusty, Jay, and Mike have the process dialed. I was left to wander the course, offering encouragement when possible, and doing the occasional field repair. I thought I'd throw up a few of the interesting sights along the course, courtesy of some of the fine photographers that came out and shared their work on the results homepage...

Lovin those spring time flowers...

Some of the fun signs that warn riders of the coming sections...

What's a mtb trail without some Voodoo inspired baby heads?

The finish line...
After the points series race, it was time to crank up the fun with the Wootown SS challenge; a three lap short course with some interesting activities added in.
We began by rounding up 20 brave, innocent, willing participants. Unbeknownst to them, they were about to embark on an epic journey.
The bikes were set at the start line and we moved the riders 50 yards away for the start, where the rules were explained.
Our racers began by closing their eyes and having volunteers spin them around aggressively for 30 seconds, where they then ran, stumbled, and crawled their way to their bikes. The ensuing mayhem was quite comical. Racers were falling all over the place, running into each other, and smiling all the way :)
Once on the trail, they had to scream "BOOHYAH!" at each balloon that marked the course. As they moved their way through a tight constriction, we had children staged with 100 water ballons to create a bit of an obstacle to ride through. The kids were a bit aggressive, as riders were exiting the course with ballon fragments still clinging to their helmets, ear lobes, etc...
At the lap end, they were met at the feed station, where 4 powdered sugar donuts and a cup of Monster energy drink awaited them.

Downing the "dry as dirt" donuts turned out to be a collosal endeavour, as many had as much sugar on their face as in their mouths. Ever try to sprint through a race and then chow while panting wildly? It was fun to watch ;) Here Phat Jay is working it hard...I think he lost a few places as the last donut kicked his arse...
After another smoking lap, it was back to the feed station for a cup of hot peppers and juice...yummy! Unfortunately, the mixture of sugar, energy drink, peppers and exertion got the better of some of them with a bit of puke entering into the mix (right Kalten?)

At the end of the third lap, Bob emerged as our winner...a better representative of single speed fineness we could not find.
We danced the night out with the tunes of DJ Madnote, pasta, and fireworks compliments of Timmy. Those that braved to camp out had a nice ride the following morning before the clean up duties ensued.
Thanks to all who come out to race, watch, and have fun...

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