Friday, June 19, 2009

Vintage/Retro lovers rejoice...a new option

Finding an appropriate headset for vintage bikes can be tough at times. The one inch standard has been left behind by time, with only a few manufacturers still producing pieces. Yeah, I know, King still makes 1.00" headsets in both threaded and threadless, but forgive me, I just can't get past the big logos on a classic build.

Fortunately for us, NAHBS and it's group of custom builders has had some influence with one company when it was expressed that a classic 1.00" headset is still desired...Enter Cane Creek.

I spoke with Peter at Cane Creek a few weeks ago about a product I was pretty stoked about, a new headset that compliments the minimal/clean look often the hallmark of many vintage builds. So, understandably, when Peter told me these would be available by the first of June, I was pretty excited. Although not period correct, the headsets do offer a nice clean line with minimal logos, updated sealed bearings, and are available in both silver and black.

Pretty sweet...I've got a build or two that I'll be putting these on.

As an aside, after multiple days in a row here in the FD it looks like I'll finally be able to go home for a bit tomorrow. Looking forward to taking a nap, then hitting the paint booth to start laying down some color on the numerous forks I've been working on.

Gonna hit email tomorrow night and try to figure out my new phone so as to get my voicemails off of it. New tech is cool, but I struggle to figure it out while my kids just roll their eyes :)



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Winter Bicycles said...

These are great headsets- I had a few in bikes I brought to SD. The keyed washer alone is a thing to behold. Great options.