Monday, November 30, 2009

People suck...well ok, maybe only a few

Hope everyone's holiday weekend was grand.

I worked a 60 hour shift Thursday through Sunday morning at the FD so I missed out on the big family feast, the shopping madness on Friday, and enjoying a long weekend.

Highlight though was 0230 call from the Wooster Police Department Sunday morning.... "Hey Rody, there's been a break in at your shop, we need you to come down for a damage and inventory assessment."

"_________ !" ... I'll let you fill in the blank with the expletive of your choice. I won't share mine, as I'm pretty sure it's not meant for family reading consumption.

As I pulled into the parking area, there were five police cruisers all with their spot lights on, aimed at the north window. I quickly scanned the back seats of the cars, hoping that one would be filled with my uninvited guests; no such luck.

I could tell from the exterior that the damage was bad, glass everywhere, stuff turned over inside, and police officers dusting for prints near the window. I paused for a moment and took a breath as a weird queasy feeling twisted in my stomach...gosh I hate that.

As I came through the door, most of the officers were gathered around one of the mills. Announcing my presence with a bit of a grunt, they quickly turned around and smiled, like kids getting caught looking through their dad's dirty magazine collection... "Rody, this stuff is so cool, do you think you could make a couple silencers with all this equipment?" Glad their minds were on the task at hand ;)

The burgler's had let themselves in using a large sandstone block lobbed through the triple pane glass and then crawled through the window over the weld table. I had hoped for some blood stained glass around the entry point...not so much for DNA analysis or anything fancy like you see on CSI, but for a bit of cruel kharmic revenge. Alas, let down again.

Fortunately, after surveying the shop through a hazy early morning mindset, my losses appeared to be minimal. I believe their intent was to access the store in the front half of the building, breaking through a wall in my assembly area to gain access to the Glass Bongs, Rap music, and crystal studded gangster clothing that is sold there. No accounting for taste I suppose.
So, Sunday and today were spent doing inventory, cleaning up, replacing the window, closing the hole in the wall, and fabbing up some nice steel window bars to provide a deterrent against future midnight visitors.
Framebuilding as a career would be so cool if all you had to do was make peoples cycling dreams come true. Too bad all the business stuff goes along with it :)


Experthasbeen said...

I can't even count how many times Ernie's was broken into when I worked there. Good thing you don't make bmx bikes or they would be gone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss, Rody. I assure you it wasn't me. I would've gone straight for your new plate crown bending thing.


steve garro said...

tell the officers that you will make them the silencers in trade for 5min. solo with the purps. sucky, Rody - Steve Garro, Coconino Cycles.

Winter Bicycles said...

What colors will you pain the window bars? Seems like you could have fun with that.

At least the tools were ok!

IF52 said...

That really sucks Rody!

I used to have to answer the frequent alarm calls at the bike shop and was always amused at how the police officers who met me there would shop instead of checking all the doors with me.

Kovach said...

Sorry to hear about the break-in. Glad to hear the losses were minimal.

Does this mean you will start taking orders for window bars? :-)

Anonymous said...

Will the window bars be 9/6/9 or 8/5/8?