Thursday, November 26, 2009 packages going out

Yesterday was a flurry of activity as Christi and I got bars, forks, and soft goods wrapped, packaged and out the door. All the steel bars for December should be on the way with Ti scheduled for the next two weeks.

Michael was able to stop by and pick up his chamellion metallica BOI fork, hope he chooses to share some build pics with all of us this winter.

One of the fun bars to head overseas to Daniel was this Dino themed piece. Dan had seen the funky pink and green splatter alligator bar I had done and wanted something different for his old vintage ride in a silver color. We agreed that some dinos would rock it out...

I got a little carried away, adding in some airbrushed brown turf, blue skys, and some hand painted plants and clouds, but it really seemed to be appropriate.

Anyhoo, hope you like it Dan.

Back in the FD today for Thanksgiving...hope you all are enjoying the day with your families.




IF52 said...

Hey Rody,

I'll post a few up later this weekend. I have to decide whether to keep the yellow Racelines on the bike with this fork, or switch back to M900 cantis or M950 Vees.

Green matches pretty well for sight unseen color match. It matches the green about an inch into the fade on my bike, which is at roughly the same level the fork sits at anyway.

Anonymous said...

Rody, thx a bunch for the bar...I can´t wait to get my hands on the Dyno-Bar (thats what I will call that sexy thing from now on). Looks so great on the pics, it will rock on the bike! Gosh, hope that shipping guys are fast!