Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can you feel the Luv?

Ok, it's official...winter is here. How can I be so sure?

I offer to you visual proof...the wooly green socks have been shod. Alas, it has become sock and sandal weather :(
Today was one of those days that test one's determination to do this for a living...6 degrees outside means chilly willy in the shop, sunless and dark when I arrived and moonlit when I left, and long repetitive work all by yourself. Way better than working for "the man" any day though ;) ... darn tooting!

I spent the whole day prepping for the December bar run; cutting steel tubing, parting off Ti material, turning down and squaring off in the lathe, deburring all the edges, sanding each piece, and then washing it all in a mild degreaser for weld prep. I should have 45 bars done by Sunday night, when I'll be able to turn my attention back to frame progress again.

The only visitor I had today was this little guy...
A hairy titanium little pile of fluff that kinda reminded me of the cuddly yet problematic Tribbles from Star Trek...
Y'all see the resemblance?

After all the prep work for the bars was done, I turned my attention to some resto work, and stripped an old Yo for some Grello paint. So there ya go, a full days toil reduced down to a few boxes of parts and some tubes on a granite table...
don't look like much now, but hopefully it'll translate into lots of smiles in a week or so.




steve garro said...

Dude! i'm there too. -10*F. + 40mph winds here yesterday. all efforts to keep warm including good old filing hard would stave off the chill were only so-so. dark & lonely indeed, a mettle-tester as you say, longing for open-door season already. PS - that tribble don't look so cuddly.........Steve Garro, Coconino Cycles.

DC said...

Dude, you and Walt need some boots!
Glad your getting it all going again after the break-in.
I felt the luv today, my hands are happy when they are holding onto the Buck with the Luvs! Frozen (ice free) trails = traction!