Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday and Sunday I worked on Ti bars, trying to get them out to folks before the guy in the big red suit shows up.

Titanium takes longer to work with, as the material demands a meticulous process, insuring cleanliness and precision. As I do bars in batches, one step that I take to insure that the tubing is ready when I am is to bag all my parts after they've been cleaned and prepped with Scotchbright, limiting atmospheric contamination and dust niblets that float around.

Once out of the bag, they get another quick rub with the Scotchbright to knock off any oxidation, an acetone bath, then purged and tacked up. Here's a bar getting it's final purge before welding. How long do I purge for? I try to allow for the calculated interior space to be replaced with argon by a factor of three...about 5 minutes per bar at 6cfm does it for me. Once filled, I knock the flow back to a maintenance rate to keep up with leakage out the miters.
Each bar takes me about 35 minutes for welding, alignment and inspection once all the dead time is factored in. Mid afternoon Sunday and here's what I've gotten done today... 10 more bars to go before tomorrow morning :)

Gonna have to run to Canton in the morning to pick up some new ceramic nozzles for the blast cabinet then I'll get these glass beaded, rubbed out, and off to their new homes.


koh said...


Hello. Really interesting to see how our bars produced. I can't wait!

Koh from Japan

Llama said...

That's really cool to see the process. Your posts are making me even more excited to receive my set of bars.

rmb said...

Happy Holidays all.

koh said...

Hello, Llama,

The bars wil be the very first Luv bars landed in Japan! Excting! I will have some graphic bars too and in Japan multi colored polka dot is very popular! I like flaming meteor. I sell these at my web shop but I will use it myself!! What did you get?

Hi rmb, Thank you. You too!

Llama said...

Japan, huh? Cool! ThereI should have a set of 28" wide Ti bars with my name on them somewhere in that group.

koh said...


Hello. OK, I will look for your name on the bar.

I wnet trail riding yesterday. Please have a look at some photos here.


koh said...

The bars come and I installed LUV Titan to my Blackbuck 29er. Just cool! Thank you for you work!