Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cleaning up...

Sorry for the lack of posts of late...I kinda feel weird putting up posts without pics. As my camera was unwillingly redistributed to a new owner, I've obviously not been shooting a lot.

I had three final items to fix up post break in. The last was today, Jim's Fox fork repaint. It was sitting happily on the table waiting for Jim's return from his Thanksgiving snowboarding trip when it and two other finished items were showered with rock and glass. The chip and scratches from getting knocked to the floor were beyond my feeling good about just touching it up, so round two commenced. The entire fork was sanded back down to primer and resprayed. I normally take everything apart, paint, then re-assemble, but I really hated to put the seals through that again so masked it up and sprayed it intact...we'll see how it turns out.

Jim is craving to the need for more speed than his fully rigid set up allows so he can out shine his riding buddies (watch out now, Vince!). Hopefully, it'll look good going that fast.
In between clear coats, I began working on the last run of Luvs for the year, I'll post up some pics tomorrow night for y'all.




mtberfrombothell said...

Hi Rody,

I have a black steel luv handle that I want to be repainted with some colors and design. Would it be possible for me to resend it to you for repainting? Love that Fox fork color by the way.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your break in. i love the colors. what an amazing job limited only by one's imagination.