Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bike assembally and one from the rafters...

Steve stopped in to build up his bike on Saturday with a mix of old and new parts and we had loads of fun :)

The finish really looks striking in the sun...should not be another rolling up to the line like this one.
and in an effort to avoid work and get set up for some summer road training, Kalten pulled my old road frame out of the ceiling rafters.  We took off all the vintage parts; Campy Delta brakes, Campy Record shifters, Mavic derailleurs and wheels.  We then built it up with a mix match of old road kit I had lying around in boxes, mostly Dura Ace and Ultegra 8 speed.

This frame was actually the first road frame I built for myself back in 94.  It is comprised of a mix of dumpster tubing, 853 tubes that were reclaimed from the Trek dumpster by Donny K. on a trip through the facility...they were all cut to the wrong lengths so were discarded.  It's funny to look at the frame now, it makes me cringe when I see all the early mistakes or areas for improvement :)
Nice to know it will be getting some road time again by someone who is limber enough to actually ride in such a low position.
nice to see Kalten's hair growing back in after shaving it all off for swim finals.

Recovery is going slower than I want.  Pushed it too hard fiddling around the house and the incision started bleeding again, so had to resign myself to the fact that I need to be a bit more patient.  I see the Doc today, so hopefully I'll be cleared for some light welding again.



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Garrett said...

Patience is a bitch sometimes. Man it is so nice out today!