Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mohican Wilderness Race Report

Hey y'all,
Steve Twining was gracious enough to pen a race report for us detailing the activities of Sunday's OMBC race.  Sorry I could not be there guys...

Take it away Steve!

Mohican Wilderness, OMBC 2010 race #1

A chilly day, that felt more like fall than spring brought several racers out to try their metal against the beast of a course known as Mohican Wilderness. Bull horn sounds, and we are off. I found myself in the lead with Jeff (Pendulbury) by my side and the single track rapidly approaching. Neither of us wanted to be first into the course, but I surely wanted one of us to be first. Ben Ortt saw our hesitation and tried for the inside line to get the first corner. I completey overreacted and challenged him for the spot. His 145 lb body didn’t stand a chance against my 180 lb rear end. Sorry Ben! The result was Ben on the deck, clogging the trail for every single expert in the class and me still up right and riding away by myself. I tried not to go too hard, but stayed steady on the gas.

When we hit a clearing I peaked over my shoulder and wouldn’t you know it, here came Jeff, followed by Ben and Proppe’. It stayed that way for the first climb until the top where Jeff and I slowly opened a gap. 

The next two laps stayed the same order until Proppe’ flatted out of the race. During this time Jeff and I stayed within 50 ft of each other at all times. We descended like mad men, with spectators cheering at our speed. When we reached the bottom Jeff asked, “how do you descend so fast?” I pointed out that he is just as fast because he was on my wheel . This in turn had him waiting on me to get out of his way on the climbs.

By the third lap Jeff had enough of my climbing and asked if he could take a pull. His pull felt like an all out attack. His fitness is so superior to anyone else racing currently. Upon reaching the first descent Jeff quickly showed how not to ride over a huge rock. I checked if he was okay , smiled that Brad Wilhelm saw the whole thing while climbing right beside us, and put my head down and rode for home. Jeff won’t give me many opportunities like that this season.

The Groovy Bigwheels were wonderful. The steel frame and the geometry soaked up all the nasty stuff and had us ripping it up every chance we had. Food for thought…… I am not sure my fitness is that great but I rode this race 9min faster than I ever had before on any of the cookie cutter carbon fiber rigs.

Jeff’s transition to gears is still only beginning. I am not sure he will lose this year. He is still learning and it is an absolute blast to be there for his rise to the top. I have never seen a third lap acceleration like that before. 

I had a fun day. I really enjoyed racing and talking with everyone. Thanks to all who could make it to the race. Oh yea I almost forgot, I rocked the Groovy/NEO series number plate for the race. Kevin that was for you!



John Proppe said...

Steve and Jeff pretty much put on a clinic on how to race a mountain bike at this race. Unreal.

Thanks for the accent aigu on the last name too, Steve!

Rody said...

Big props go out to Ryan for getting the results up on the web so soon...wish I could have been there to help out.