Thursday, December 9, 2010

Final Bob Villa shots...

The last few weeks have seen me pushing too hard, as my move deadline has come and gone, I'm still toiling to finish up and move, and finally my body has revolted and I've ended up sick in bed sharing with you now...cough.

Here are some picture highlights...

Probably the most important improvement that I've made in the whole shop.  For years I've been utilizing less than adequate options for human comfort, which I will avoid sharing with you for your own mental/emotional sake.  I am, thrilled, to have this addition :)

 and the sink to tidy up in aint bad either.
 I got all the doors hung, the 8 footer was a heavy one.  It will be nice to have a physical separation between the fabrication area, office, and paint prep room; both for quiet and for dust/dirt.
 A shot of the door heading into the office.  I also put in a big wash tub for clean up and a water heater set up high and out of the way to maximize space.
 The trim going up.  I'll be perfectly honest, I enjoy working with wood but the staining/finishing/cleanup drives me bonkers.  I pretty much hate anything to do with liquid finish and a brush, yuck!
 The split doors finished and in place for the restroom.  It's a tight fit, but I like to think of it as efficiency in design.
Finally, a bit of indulgence.  I've spent so many years working on plain jane grey concrete, I really wanted something different for the new shop.  I wanted to have a red/brown sandstone effect for the floor, so gave a shot at acid staining.  The acid stain came out great, giving a warm mottled look to the floor.  I am less happy with the industrial epoxy top sealer.  It comes as a two part mix; clear epoxy and hardner.  What I neglected to factor in was the difficulty of spreading, backrolling, and moving to the next section quickly all by myself.  Turns out, if I had read the instructions, I would have learned that once mixed, the product has a 17 minute pot wonder it was so darn hard to spread by myself after an hour.  I've got some imperfections in the top finish, but there is no going back now, so I guess I'll have to live with it.

As for real shop news, we're shipping out the final bits of December bars and forks tomorrow.  I will be SO happy to get moved in and be able to focus on fabrication again as the last 5 months have been like constant around the clock show prep.

Back to coughing up green balls of gook.



Hylic said...

nice blog

Easton Heights Blogger said...

hope you're feeling better soon.
I don't see a trap in the drain for the work sink, or is it just not clear in the picture?

Roy said...

Looks really cool! Funny we only see pics of the shop, interested in how the house looks too.... but I guess you're never there :-)
Get well soon big man,

rmb said...

Love it.

Rody said...

EHB...trap is in the floor as I was unsure as to how I was going to use the drain (sink, floor drain, etc...). With over 12' of fall to the septic, I had plenty of space to work with.

Roy, gonna have to see the house in person when you come over to ride :)