Thursday, December 23, 2010

Starting the move...

After a tough block of work at the fire department the last 5 days, I started to move the big stuff yesterday.

A fork lift at each shop and a 10000# capacity trailer were the tools to get the job done...

I have to work at the fire department Christmas weekend, so for all that have asked to help, the "everything that can be lifted, carried, or loaded" moving day will be Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  Hopefully, we can get it all done so that I can be out by the end of the year.




Jay said...

The new shop looks awesome!

Happy Holidays!


dicky said...

You've got the coolest toy room.

rmb said...

Enjoy the holidays.

jens.bretfeld said...

Enjoy your one and only

"Museum of Modern Art"!

Happy Holidays


EnginCycles said...

Great looking space for sure. All that light and white is a killer environment to work. About how I would love to re-due my shop except I REALLY want an end block wood floor!

If I was closer I would help move. Good luck with the rest and happy holidays.


Winter Bicycles said...

Wow- looks great! I didn't appreciate the scale of the place with the close shots.

Looking good- happy holidays Rody!