Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to pack a bike frame

I have so many bikes/frames come to the shop that are so haphazardly packed, it makes me wince in pain.  Bikes thrown in a box with no padding, securing, or care.  Wheels that are placed so that the axles are against frame tubes, handle bars and controls hanging by their cables...often there is more damage when they arrive than when shipped.  Ever try collecting on shipping insurance?  Good luck.

So, I've refined my packing through the years to protect both your monetary investment and my work.  All work leaving the shop gets triple wrapped in bubble wrap, secured to a piece of padded cardboard, then tucked into a frame box with lots of space filling packing material.  Additional components are wrapped in bubbles, surrounded in cardboard, then secured in place so they do not move during shipping, limiting the probability that they will strike cherished merchandise. 

I've had a few customers complain that it took them over an hour to unpack their frame.  You know what, that's just fine by me :)

Working on some small parts items today and prepping for paint, hoping to move this weekend to the new shop...Hooray!



Jamenstall said...


Have you ever thought about using one of those bike cases like Thule or Serfas makes. Something that's reusable. I don't know I've always thought that's the way to go and save on the paper.

Nice packing btw and you don't do anything have ass do you.


Rody said...


Using a travel case would get very expensive for every frame I send out to a customer, no?

Right now, it costs me about 32 dollars for packing material for each frame sale...cost of doing business.


Jack said...

I remember unpacking early 90's Cannondales when they were packed with a big dry-cleaner's plastic bag full of some sort of blown-in foam stuff. It always seemed like overkill, but on the other hand I don't believe I ever saw one damaged in shipping.

You might want to check out something like that - it would certainly save you some time versus all that wrapping with bubble wrap. Although I'm certain that it kills whales or somesuch thing.