Sunday, August 7, 2011

More paint tidbits from the week...

In an effort to keep some content moving forward on the blog, here are a few more tidbits out of the shop that were completed this week.

First up...a custom conversion of a damaged Yo fork into a cool slingshot with Yo Eddy Paint.  This fork was the victim of a roof rack vs. garage and came out a loser.  Not wanting to see it die, the owner requested I fix it up into a cool FAT slingshot for him.  Here it is right out of paint.  I'll add a leather bar wrap to the handle (steerer tube), a slingshot rand through the canti posts, and some linseed rubbed corks to the top of each leg to keep the ammunition safe inside. 
Another project with a nod to the 90's was this 3D Violet Luv handle.

The 3DV color is a tough one for me to paint, attested to by the fact that I sprayed this one twice before I got the color depth just right.  Too much pigment and it looks all dark and moody, too light and it does not have that anno pop.  As always, the pic does not do it justice; the final color makes me want to run out and find a plethora of expensive 90's bling  :)

I also sprayed up a custom steel Luv in white with gold pearl, shot set of cranks in metallic silver with blue flames, and finished the color on the 40's bell project.  Just need the actual bell to be chromed to complete the restoration...


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