Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bikes for stimulate the economy

Hey guys and gals,

The last couple of years have been tough on the economy and I have two customers who have had to put their new Groovy's up on the chopping block.  Sad for them, possibly good for you if either trip your trigger, as they are available now with no waiting :)

First up is this Groovy Road bike...
This bike was constructed for a local client who experienced some job/economic difficulties prior to taking receipt of the bike.  We've hung onto it for a couple of months in hopes that things would turn around for him...alas, it's time to get my money back out of it.
This is a steel road bike built with a mix of Dedda and Columbus tubing, SS couplers, custom fork, all sprayed with a multi layer candy metallic finish that fades from sunset red to orange to yellow as it wraps around the tubes.  Groovy headbadges are scattered around the frame to give some visual breaks in the spectrum.  Built with SRAM Red components and King/Mavic wheels, it is a very nice road bike for club racing or exploring the pavement of foriegn countries.  It is definitely a fast/sporty feel...for those who like to ride hard and go fast.

Head tube angle - 71.5
Seat tube angle - 73
Top tube - 58cm
Seat tube (c to c) - 44cm
Chain stay length - 415mm
Wheel base - 100.5cm or 39.5"
Center of bar/stem to ground - 95cm

Price with Saddle of your choice - 5600.00
Pedals not included

Next up is one for the Dirt lovers...This custom 29er SS is one of a kind and I hate to see it sit in the shop.  The customer reluctantly asked to return it so that he could use the money to put back into his business and be able to eat and sleep in a dry bed...where are the priorities?
Regardless, this is a custom steel Big Wheel that uses Dedda and custom drawn tubing with swinger SS dropouts.  Finished in a multi layered metallic/candy airbrushed forest motif, the depth of the paint has to be seen to realy be appreciated. 

Built to be suspension corrected for an 80mm travel fork, it is mated to a Groovy Ti Unicrown disc fork, Thomson stem, and Ti 27" Luv. 

Head tube angle - 71.5

Seat tube angle - 72.5
Top tube - 24.25"
Seat tube (c to c) - 16.5"
Chain stay length - 17.25 forward center

Price for the full kit (Frame, Ti fork, King Headset, Stem, Ti Luv) - 3400.00

I can also assist with the balance of the parts for a complete build if you desire.

The bike was featured on the blog, you can see more here...

And lastly, this is a bike that was built a number of years ago for the Portland show.  It is a steel frame with EBB, internal cable routing for the rear brake and a rear derailleur, modular dropouts, and a box crown fork.  It is finished in a rasta splatter finish.  Kalten used the frame for 2 months and then it was put up on the shelf.  It had a few scratches, but they were easily touched up...a nice attribute of the splatter paint.
It is currently built as a Retro Single Speed with a steel Luv, Rasta King headset, Red Ringle Super Bubba hubs/Sun sunrise rims, White Industry Eno cranks, Thomson stem and post, Flite saddle, Timbuk 2 tires, and Onza V brakes.   The frame, brake levers, and wheels are used, the balance is new equipment.  The frame was designed specifically for the Onza brakes to be in their most powerful position, so the spacing is greater than the typical V/canti brakes.  They may be too wide for other brake systems...don't know, but thought I'd mention it.

Built around the M/L Yo Eddy geometry

 Head tube angle - 71
Seat tube angle - 72
Top tube - 23.3"
Chain stay length - 16 3/8"
Wheel base - 41.7

I'd like to sell the bike complete, if it does not, I have a customer who has first dibs on the frame and fork.

Total for the complete bike is 2100.00


If you are interested in any of the bikes, please give me a hollar.


Roy said...

Hi Rody,
can I have dibs (for Jeroen) on the Rasta, will let you know within 24 hours ;-)
Cheers Roy

Rody said...


Rasta is of to the Netherlands for Jerone.

Bigwheel is headed to sunny Florida for Jeff.

thanks guys!