Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where do you roam?

Stuck here in the FD for the third day, and am shooting around my normal haunts to see what's happening.  I thought with such a diverse crowd that cruises the web, I'd share where I contribute, lurk, or just blitz through when I have time...

Framebuilders pages;  as this profession seems to have a lot of solitary work time, it's nice to chat and see what others are up to.  I'll try to contribute if I see a question that I can help with, read to see alternative ways of approaching issues (never too late to learn), and often shake my head in dismay at what is posted as absolutes by some who have read bad information online but do not have the experience or education to know any better.  The only two that I make time to drop in on have very distinct individual characteristics, keeping it fresh.

Framebuilders forum on V-salon ... an eclectic mix of builders, both new and old, with your standard q/a forum, a Friday Night Lights share-a-thon, and a unique area called Smoked Out to share the individual stories of each builder and create a dialog.

MTBR's Framebuilding forum ... more focused on the dirt side of things, this forum has more burgeoning fabricators with simple questions, but has a surprising amount of very creative content that encourages outside the box thinking.  I often see some cool innovations or edgy designs, a characteristic unique to folks who can build what they want, not what is dictated by customer requests.

For Fun pages... cycling that is just for the smile factor as they peak my interest.

Fat Cogs Fan page ... devotees of the micro empire fathered by Chris and the gang.  A nice place to see the evolving history of the brand, some excellent restorations by members, and maybe catch a cool deal on a piece of Sommerville history.

MTBR's Vitage, Retro, Classic page ... a fine collection of the true gems of mtb history, these well educated but sometimes snarky folks possess some of the most sought after frames and components.  With contributors ranging from Jeff and Wes at the Museum of Mountain Bike and Technology to the usual suspects like former mods Bushpig and Rumphy, there is always some cool stuff to see.

Of course, I'll also drop in on my friends and colleagues blogs to see what's been shakin...Hubcap, Cocconino, Walt, Carl, Drew, Fred (when he updates...hint hint), Mr. Potts, and the sometimes controversial but always friendly Paul Sadoff and his "can't we just get along" blog.

Places I used to like but no longer have time for, but you may... was a great little site with a diverse group of folks all contributing toward a growing educational environment.  I was an active contributor, donated money to keep it afloat, and was sad to see the day it became a fiefdom that alienated folks rather than encouraged them.  Still an excellent bunch of info to be found if you can still log in.

Retrobike ... The UK cousin to VRC, I really enjoyed the site in it's infancy.  A like minded group of folks who encouraged discussion and sharing of vintage mtb bikes, it was neat to hear perspectives from across the ocean, as members from all over Europe participated.  The success of the site has also been it's downfall, as the core group of folks who were willing to share knowledge have been overwhelmed by those without.  It's unfortunate, as I really enjoyed those folks.

So, a quick window into my web based stalking...have any place you like that I should check out?



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