Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas fun...don't shoot Santa

Selling for a customer...

A custom Yo Eddy Slingshot.

Made from a Yo fork that met an untimely demise, this piece was cut and milled down, painted in a black and metallic silver FAT theme with little Yo guys hanging out for the fun.  The top corks are removable to keep the slingshot fodder in, the steerer is wrapped in a nice beige cork tape, and a wooden plug was turned down in the lathe to cap the steerer end.

A nice collector's piece that is one of a kind...just keep it out of the kids hands or you'll be replacing windows :)

$125.00 plus shipping

Respond here on the blog if interested, then follow up with an email to please.  Sold in order of interest.



1 comment:

Preston said...

If this is still available I'd love to have it - sending email now.