Friday, December 30, 2011

Communication breakdown...

Ok, it's official, after 4 years my phone is dead.

The problems started a few years ago when I forgot that I left my phone on the layout table.  As I was focused on brazing the dropouts to the rear end of the frame suspended from the stand, I failed to realize that the rest of the torch's flame was slowly cooking the touch pad face of the phone into a wrinkled, loose fitting shadow of it's former self...oops.

As is human nature, unwilling to admit defeat (stupidity?), I modified my use, opening the phone to access the keypad, soldiering on diligently.

The last three months, the battery has been whining that it is tired, worn out, and ready to retire.  So am I, I up!  Despite my admonishment, I still need to charge it twice a day to continue my on the go use or face dropping calls mid sentence, having it shut down unceremoniously while texting, and don't even think about checking email or pictures...poof!  Thus is the price we pay not to be anchored down by a cord.

The last two weeks, voicemails have been sporadic at best...nothing for days then it will dump 10 into the inbox, only half of them opening up. the others only offering a clue, a simple tease of what or who could have been requesting my presence

So, despite the moral and financial pain, I'm being thrust into another upgrade in technology...gonna have to get something new.

I feel slightly defeated.  At least the old red Volvo is still hanging on to life.  Excuse me while I find something wooden to knock on.

In the interim, if y'all need to contact me...don't call.  Please drop me an email and we'll get back to you as we can.



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