Thursday, December 1, 2011

Groovy Holiday Sales...aka stuff needs to go

Ok folks, too much retro stuff starting to collect around the shop, so it's time to unload some of it.  If y'all want something, drop me a line at , everything first come, first serve, you pay the shipping. 

1991 Grove X frame, Assault fork, Hamerhead bar/stem combo.  Serial # X-82-12-20-91, this was a Christmas present for Bill's daughter, designed around the 17" sizing with an inch taken off the seat tube length.  The frame is in nice survivor shape with typical chainsuck, a bit of paint missing around the edge of the bb and the odd chip here and there.  Overall, very nice for it's age.  $450.00 plus shipping

1993 Grove Titanium...Serial # Ti-14-1993.  This is a 19" titanium frame that was an unfinished shop project (still needed H20 bosses and rear seat stays welded) that I was happy to receive.  The frame fabrication was completed and then painted in a red on black candy with NOS decals.  I left off the large TITANIUM decal, as I always thought it was a bit gaudy.  My intent was to keep it for myself, but alas, it has sat on the shelf for years. I'd rather someone who is going to build it up and ride it have the opportunity to enjoy it.  There is a small paint chip on the bottom of the headtube edge from shelf wear, visible in the second photo.  Basically a New Old Stock frame, never built.  $1500.00 OBO plus shipping.

 Fat Chance Wicked Frame with Ho Down fork and new Cane Creek Headset - Serial # 680W09.  A 19" Wicked, repainted by Vicious Cycles, that I took in as partially payment for some work completed.  Was going to build it up into a knock around commuter...never happened.  The frame is used, and has a few chips and scratches to prove it.  The head tube was drilled for a Jen Green "FAT" headbadge, I aligned the frame, and it has a slightly sticky canti boss.  Overall a nice solid bike for someone looking for a rider or as an excellent start for a resto project.  $450.00 plus shipping.

 Various red anno parts, most used with typical wear to be expected...
     - Candy red Hot head, 150mm with 25 degree rise - $100.00
     - Caraba Double Barrel Cranks with Kooka ring, 175mm - $75.00
     - Thomson Elite post, anno red, 26.8 - $20.00
     - Paul Canti brakes - $50.00
     - Ringle cable hanger, peace sign - $5
     - NOS Caramba canti brake levers, very rare - $125.00

Stay tuned...have some modern stuff to come,



Edoz said...

OMG! I wish I had the cash to take most of that stuff off your hands. I've got a set of those cranks, in silver. They're cool.

masamune said...

Hi rody,

i like to have the Caramba Double Barrel Cranks.


My mail-address

Roy said...

Both Groves please ;-) I'll contact you soon
Cheers Roy

Rody said...


Cranks are sold to Jens, thanks!

Hothead is sold to Martin K

Grove frames for Roy...awaiting payment

Wicked frame/ Jim, awaiting payment

Rody said...

Buyer had to back out on the Ti frame so it is still available.

All other items are sold.

Thanks to all who inquired.