Monday, February 4, 2013

It's TAX time...

Ok, so boring post with an OMG moment.

Been working on office stuff with Christi for the last 4 days or so getting ready to file taxes today...not the stuff dreams are made of but unfortunately, a time consuming part of owning your own busy-ness.

Ran the final numbers and that's when it occurred.

There are a lot of folks who expound upon their desire to break from the corporate world and join the small niche of hand built fabricators.  Some move beyond dreams and take a shot at reality, only to flame out a year or two later.  Why?  Normally a lack of planning a solid business model and unrealistic expectations.  Consistency is key.

Groovy's total final annual net number has varied by less than a whisker each of the last three years.  For 2012, the difference from the previous was $18.00.

Either I'm not working hard enough, working at my capacity, or stuck in a lazy streak that lasts for years at a time.

Or, I could just have an AWESOME bunch of customers who support me consistently.  Yeah, probably that.

We'll see what 2013 brings us.

Thanks for all your support!


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