Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ti goodies for Nahbs 2013...

Knocked out some ti goodies for some of the bikes going to Nahbs in Denver this year, just a few more pieces to go  :)

On the elaborate display table is a unicrown disc fork, Disco Stick seatpost, and a custom stem for a road bike.
 The fabrication of the fork went really well; bent easily with good symmetry, mitered perfectly, and welded up like buttah!
 This fork gets standard 9mm axle dropouts and ISO disc tab which will mate up to silver White Industry hubs and Magura brakes...
 A 27.2 seat post will offer some cushy bum comfort on the trail.  I really like the inherent flex the ti offers to the rear cockpit without the fear of snapping a carbon post and having shards run through your arse...yikes!
 The road stem is for the Titanium road bike project, should be a nice fit balancing out the cockpit.
The days til Denver are counting down, hopefully all will be ready.  My biggest hurdle right now is the Ti Hot Rods.  The first subcontractor for the CNC work left me with 2500 dollars of scrap before giving up and the second contractor (a large National supply and processing center) has fallen silent for two weeks.  Getting a bit nervous that I'll get everything in time.



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