Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the road to Denver...

Well folks, after battling our way through the "storm of the decade", as it's being called on the news, for more than 25 hours of driving, we have landed safely in Downtown Denver.

Passed more than 12 cars on their roofs, countless vehicle...s spun out and mashed off the road, drove at 15 mph in whiteout conditions for more than an hour, and had more than our share of exclaiming "holy crap, where is the road???" 

Once here, the downtown capital area was closed by police for a standoff with shooter from a balcony. All this as I walk around in my Birkenstocks, maybe shoulda brought some footwear that covers my toes. 

A bike show in the middle of February in Colorado? Don, next year, I vote for Hawaii.


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