Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back home now...a few paint pics for y'all

Hey folks,

The trip to AZ was a mixed blessing...had fun visiting with friends but constantly had the amount of work to be done in the back of my mind the whole trip, hard to get away from.

Did some great riding, will post pics and some descriptions later.

For now, I thought I'd show you some paint progression shots for two of the bikes that needed completed prior to departing. A 72 hour push resulted in the finished fabrication, paint and build of the bikes prior to leaving. The last frame came out of the bake box at 0430 and we were on the way to the airport at 0600...that was cutting it close!

Here's Mikey's SS coupled 650b frame ready for paint. The couplers were masked off, the frame blasted and then chemically wiped.

The next shot shows the frame with two coats of primer. The are layed fairly heavy and sanded in between to give a smooth base before the color goes on. Mistakes here show up in the final finish so it's best to be meticulous.

For Mikey's paint, we start with a metallic silver base sprayed over the entire frame.

The sunrise fade begins with a transleusant red. It took six coats before the color really began to pop and give the vibrance I wanted.

Then a couple of coats of orange glow is layered on, giving a fantastic transition layer with the red.
Then comes the yellow sunshine to finish off the rear end

Top it all off with three coats of clear and a little prismatic added in and the frame really stands out.

The other coupler bike was outfitted with the county fair paint, so named by S. Garro due to it's resembalance to cotton candy and sh*t brown :)
I start the same way as the other frame and then the first color is pink. Mask it off and begin to follow along...

getting ready to spray the blue...

Blue is on, covered, and ready for the brown...

Uncover it all and place the decals, ready for clear...

the finished product :)

Monday sees me back in the shop. Will be working on the paint restos this week, Eric's stem and a unicrown fork in midnight metallic blue, should be cool.

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