Saturday, April 26, 2008

Luv Handles coming soon...

Current batch of Luv Handles is almost done...will ship next week.

Not including the shop orders, here is what will be going out;

Jeff K - Silver
Rod L - Black
Jeff C - Black
Paul L - Silver
Nhat N - Black
Robert S - Black, no decals
Danny S - Black
Albert R - Black
Ty R- Black
Mark G - clear, AZ use only ;)
Phat J - color to be determined by frame
Denise G - flower luv
Eric A - Black, 28" wide
Tim L - color yet to be decided

If you do not see your name, these folks came first and are ahead of you on the queue. The next batch of 30 has 2 bars left available to reserve...drop me a line.



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