Sunday, April 13, 2008

Outa O-HI-O...playing in AZ

Hey guys,

Well, the last few days before I departed for Arizona were spent hammering out the last two bikes in fabrication and paint. Pulled the last frame out of the bake box at 0430 am Friday, left for the airport at 0600...that was close!

Anyhoo...I'm couch surfing at the Garros in Flagstaff...Steve and Denise are the proprieters of Coconino Cycles and gracious hosts :)

Denise pounded us on a fun ride today, she scampered up the mountain on a single speed and left me gasping for mercy at over 7000 feet.

Anyhoo, here are some pics...

the group taking a break at the Newham lookout

Here's a pic of the county fair paint...a mixture of cotton candy and chocolate colors :)

Mikeys sunset fade paint...deep metallic red to orange to yellow sunshine with prismatic to really capture the sun. Very nice when not dusty ;)

Here's a pic of Don's cheetah bike and Denise's custom Coconino daisy frame...sweet!

Finally, the view.

Wanted to let everyone know I won't be near a computer again, so please be patient if you do not see an email response from me, I'll get y'all taken care of when I return. Thanks for the understanding, this is my first break from building every day for the last 6 months (my legs definately feel it).




martn said...

we need bigger pictures!
but first you ought to have some fun!


denise garro said...

we enjoyed having you guys here....come out anytime...D