Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ughh, forgot the camera at the shop tonight...sorry.

After pushing through a 40 hour straight shift at the fire department, I slept for an hour and was back in the shop today pushing to meet the deadline for Don's frame.

Got the rear end all mitered up, brazed on the dropouts, silver brazed and slotted the seat binder, brazed in the H2O bosses and welded up the rear triangle. Still have the fiddley-bits to tack on the frame and then it is ready for paint on Saturday.

I'm about two weeks behind where I want to be on the build schedule as the booth took longer than I'd planned, but here is what is coming up;

April - 6-10, work on repaints prior to the business trip to Az
- 21 through 30, work on custom stems/bars/forks

May - 1 through 5, prototyping some TI Luv Handles for all you folks that have been bugging me for these ;) and Doug and John's 6-5-0 builds
- 6 through 9, Phat Jay's 29er SS
- 13 through 16, Eric's 6-5-0
- 20 through 30, Chris's 700c SS and two day trip to bike festival with demos
June (tenative schedule)
- Goyo's 6-5-0
- Groovy at GOBA

It's a pretty knarly goal to keep this schedule, but I promised the kid's that once summer hit, I'd get back to just an 8 hour day in the shop so I'd have time with them. Lot's of rock climbing, biking and kayaking in the kid's plans this year :)

Pics tomorrow for your enjoyment...thanks for being patient,


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