Thursday, June 12, 2008

...and Thursday has come to an end.

End of the day and I got quite a bit accomplished.

I'm including pictures of Michaels Yo from Germany. This excellent piece is complete with a original fork and Grove Hammerhead combo. Michael saw the rasta bike from the NAHBS show and said that it kept haunting his dreams, so the splatter treatment it is.

I love to play with splatter paints, brings out the kid in me. But the adult hates the mess...and there is a LOT of it. So, giving in to my anal tendencies, I protected the paint booth the best I could...

Then I began to let it fly. You'd be surprised just how much technique is involved in a good splatter job. The paints have to be thinned to just the right consistency, the brush MUST be tacky just enough, and the wrist action is oh so important for good long stringers :)

a couple of shots of the bar and stem before clear...

and the frame once the first coat of clear is applied.

I also finished up some custom paint colors on a few bars, will show some pics tomorrow.

The biggest hurdle today was the humidity. Wrapped up in my tyvec suit I must have sweated out a couple of pounds of water...feeling all damp and sticky as I type this in the evening air. Got about another 30 minutes and the parts will be done baking then I can go home for the night.

More paint and Ti bars tomorrow for your viewing pleasure ;)



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