Friday, June 27, 2008

Here and there this week...

Seems like I've been running around a lot this week, mostly hit up with "little projects" that end of taking a lot of time.

Eric from the retail shop stopped by and wanted to know if I could help him make a steel derailleur hanger for his DJ bike as he broke his aluminum one last month and has not had enough to make a minimum order to S&M to get one measly hanger. Four hours later the hanger was done and he commented "I never realized just how much goes into making such a small part!" Anyhoo, Eric's back on the road and in the park. Add in about four more little projects that just showed up with some urgency and the days disappeared.

Michael's Yo is all finished up. I did some minor steel work on the frame and resprayed the frame, fork, and bar in the rasta splatter. This guy ended up with 5 coats of clear; three to level out the splatter enough to lay down decals and two on top to insure they will be protected for a long time to come.

David's Ti prototype bar went out first part of the week. David was the real impetus for the actual fabrication of the bar as he does quite a bit of riding in the rock strewn mountains in Germany and was very persistent in pursuing this material option. I shortened the overall width by a few cm's and painted the grips to center transition with a gloss white, leaving the brushed finished Ti in the center. They look snazzy.

I'll let David run these for a while and when the production bars are ready to go, replace them with a new set that are spot on for the final design. Enjoy them David and let me know what you think :)

For those of you who caught that, yes, I've made up my mind about the Ti Luvs; they will be available. I have a few of the proto's left and will be contacting those who have expressed an interest in the order I received emails.

For everyone else, here's the scoop. The bar utilizes 3/2.5 Ti and will feature the same dimensions as the standard Luv's. The weight savings is about 35 grams over the powder coated steel bar (275 grams total weight for Ti), not a whole lot, I know, but I've spec'd them with enough wall thickness to really be a strong performance bar that still will allow for long term comfort without being noodley. For you marathon riders who do the 12 hour plus races, this bar should add considerably to your comfort. Cost for the bar will be 245.00 and I'm going to begin delivery of the Ti Luvs in August. I'm going to limit the run to 20 every other month so I can work them in with the standard bars. If you are interested in jumping on the list, drop me an email at .

I also got started on Chris's road frame this week. Below is a box of lovely goodness, how much cool stuff can you identify?

Hint...there is a BUNCH of Dura ace, Dedda and S&S coupler lovin :)

Finally, the random shop shot for the week...the remains of a quick mill session.

Oh, almost forgot. The latest batch of Groovy Tee's should be landing (finally) next week. If you would like to get one before this run sells out, please let me know. Price will be 15 bucks plus shipping. For those who have already reserved one, thanks for your patience.

Hope the trails/road are treating you well,


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Nik said...

Do you have a photo of the T's or did I miss'em?