Monday, June 9, 2008

been a long time since I saw you last...

ouch, had a tough go the last week.

We experienced a acute officer shortage at the Fire Department that rearranged my week; went into work at 0700 Monday morning and got to come home Saturday night at 1900. It was a long stretch to cover, one that was harder on my family than anybody.

Coverages like that don't happen often, thank goodness. Aside from being locked away from everyone else, I had no consistant unfiltered internet access to answer email or keep in touch with you all. I had 10 hours in the shop today and I'm back in the FD tonight for 12 (thank goodness I was able to pick up the neighbors wireless signal sitting here in the parking lot)...then I'm off for 2 weeks on vacation, so I should be able to really kick out some work in the shop.

A week away took it's toll on the shop. No open windows or ventilation and the humidity ran rampant on all the little metal bits. Below is a shot of Bill's BOI fork that was in process, you can see that the fixture has a nice patina of red all over it. If you don't handle the stuff daily and give it a little oily love, it quickly turns on you.

Today I was able to finish up Bill's fork and weld up the final two Luv Handles for the June delivery. I'll spray these up in the morning and then all the bars will be shipped out in the afternoon.

Thanks for everyones patience, I'm a week later than I wanted to be but the good stuff is on the way ;)

The recliners have not got much use lately...been holding the shipping boxes quite frequently.

Tomorrow is shipping and paint on some long overdue YO's.




Lester said...

Your one hell of a bike builder Rody. But an even better community servant.

Thank you,


Dave said...

Any chance of some Ti Luv Handle pics to wet my appetite?

Anonymous said...

Do you have an ETA for the LH's and did (will) you send Stephen's out?

steve garro said...

hey, rody - get out and have some FUN on your vacation too, huh? you're one driven guy. sleepless in flagstaff, steve.

Rody said...

Thanks folks for the kind comments. Bars went out Tuesday, and yes, Stephen's is on the way ;)

Steve-o, my vacation time is shop time, that way others can tear it up on the trail...I'm a fat heart patient, can't have too much fun!

Lester, you the man...enjoy your bars.