Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mid week round-up...

Trying to clean up a lot of outstanding little projects this week while I wait on some couplers for the next bike build.

Bill stopped by the booth in Portland and ordered up a BOI for his Yo Eddy resto. I've had the blades done for about 2 months but just did not make the effort/time to finish it up, until this week.

The BOI/YO style forks that go on period correct frames are a bit more difficult to build as the crown sections require a compound miter where it meets the blade, as the modern segmented forks I build use parallel miters and rotate the crown forward a bit. The compound miter is a bit hairy to get just right, and I actually missed this one by about .5 millimeter. No big deal, it just takes a bit more precision on the welding end as the edge of the miter wants to melt away from you rather than sit down and flow into the weld puddle.

So here is a quick shot of Bill's fork all fabbed up, it received a gloss black finish and is all packed up now and ready for the postman this afternoon :)

I've worked out some paint the early part of the week too. Michael's Yo from Germany is gonna be all splattered up with some rasta colors and a project for First Flight is finally getting some attention. Also have Bob's Yo that I'm doing some repair work on right now. Oh, and a Grove Ti is in the bake box...that should be a cool finish when it is completed.

Masking off a Stainless Steel crown for Jeff's Bruiser project...

I also shipped out all the June Luv Handles on Tuesday...six hours of packing, boxing, and waiting in line at the Post Office to get them all out. Thanks to Christi and Kalten for helping out, it would have taken even longer without them. Most folks in the US should see them by the end of the week.




Lester said...

Got my LUUUUV handles today!!!!

Yeah...goin home at lunch to get em on the bike and take em for a ride.

Thanks Rody. I may need some in the TI version now for the Full Squishy.

Rody said...

Right on Lester, let us know what you think of them after a couple of weeks :)