Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CAUTION...whiny rant below

I'd like to throw out my apologies to all you folks for being out of contact for a bit, it's the burden of working two full time jobs :(

My last posting was Sunday and I was looking forward to a productive week. Tuesday morning at 0600 I got called into the fire department due to manpower shortages and they would not let me go. In the past seven days worked a record for me...not that I was looking for one.

Ended up working 148 hours out of 168 in seven days at the FD and got in a measly 4 hours at the shop.

This morning I got off and all I wanted to do was sleep, but the foibles of life kept it at bay...the dog kept jumping on me wanting to play, construction at the neighbor's house, kids running around. I finally gave up, showered and lumbered my way down here. I barely manuevered through the door as there are quite a few boxes that landed in my absence and there is a pile of coorespondance on the desk.

The inbox is stuffed with 120 messages, so if you are one of the folks that have tried to get ahold of me the last week, maybe multiple times, I'm gonna do my best to get back to you.

The bad news is I've gotta go back in tonight for a 12 hour shift from 1900-0700, yuck.

Anyhoo, whiny rant over ;)

Some updates:

Grove Hot Rods... I'm going to meet with Bill and Mary this week to pass on all the purchasing info and get an update on the fabrication. If y'all still would like to check out the offerings and perhaps jump in on a set, you can look here... http://www.grovecycledesign.com/

Demo 29er frame for sale... I've got a demo frame that is stripped of paint, inspected, and ready for a new home. The frame is about 1.5 years old and was used for the occasional rider to check out the goods. No dents or dings, straight and true, ready for love. It is a alloy steel frame that uses a mix of Columbus and Dedda tubing, Paragon sliders, s bend stays, and is set up for SS or Rohloff use with disc brakes. The frame measures out with a 24" tt, 16" st, suspension corrected for 80mm suspension, 68mm bb shell, and uses a standard 1.125 headset. Weighs in at around 4.3 pounds on the shop scale. Here's the skinny...you can get the frame with a fresh coat of powder of your color choice for 800 bucks, or custom paint at an additional cost. Drop me an email if you are interested. I'd like to get it out of here this month. Pics of it all built up in it's former state below...

Luv handles... The September list is full and I'm taking reservations for October. This will be one of the last runs for a bit as I've got a bunch of other work to get to so I'll be taking a two month break from these guys. I'm upping production however, and will accept 50 bars for October.

Goyo! please contact me with your fit sheet info...I'd like to get you sorted after Eric's build :)

Cheers all,


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