Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday...a day off?

Nope...planned on taking today off, but fell into the trap of saying;

'I've got so much to do, I'll just run into the shop for a bit"

7 hours later, I'm yearning for a ride so I'm going to hit the blog quick and get on out ;)

Last couple of days went pretty quick. Chris from Texas was in town for a benefit golf tourney for the family and brought his and Danette's bikes for a little riding. They ended up doing something like 80 miles in three outings between family obligations and benchmark outings to Starbucks, pretty impressive.

I tuned up both bikes and sent Chris home with some touch up paint for his subtle polka road bike.

W0rked on the helpless grello Yo a bit. It's been soaking with Liquid wrench for the last week and did not help it a bit, bummer. Ended up cutting up the stem and subsequently shortening the steerer tube to get the frozen front end sections apart. The bottom bracket came out in a mushroom cloud of rusty dust, broken bearings and warped seals. The aftermath was so impressive I had to go get the guys from the shop up front to share the experience with them :)

Today Kalten and I worked on some Luvs; here's a box of grips cut up to raw length, enough for 30 bars to finish up the August list and start the September obligations.

Each one gets faced, internally deburred, and then chamfered on the edge for a smooth finished end. Here's a shot of me hitting the edge with the second cut file...

After deburring, Kalten washed all the oil and debris off of them, all 60 plus pieces. He's got some wrinkly finger tips now...

Me on the other hand, took to the job of sanding all the mill scale off. I'm not so clean :(
All nice and shiny now, I'm ready to weld on the end caps. Got through a few, but the sun outside is calling me to get a ride in yet tonight...

And, saving the best for last, Sophie winged in all the way from dreary England to be my Groovy model of the week.
She's a pretty hip chick...if you're lucky you'll see her speeding around Roanoke, Texas in a new VW bug soon, right Chris?

til tomorrow,


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