Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Computer gremlins one, me zero...

Yep, my computer crashed and I've been without for a few days. Back in the game now though. You never realize just how much info you've got stuffed into all those little electronics until it is no longer accessible...wow, it's overwhelming.

Not too much to share...been working on Bob's Yo resto. I'm gonna save the final pic for when the last coat of clear is dry and the frame's been massaged down with some 3M rubbing compound, but here is the paint scheme...

classic Porsche Gulf stream blue and orange...yummy.

In the interim, I've been working on the road frame to get it clear of the fixture so I can set up for Eric's 650b project.

I got the rear end all fabbed up on Monday and it is now free! Still have the little fiddley bits to braze on but it will be ready for paint soon. Still kicking ideas around on this one, hmmm.

All said and done, the finished fabrication came out pretty spiffy. I used some .6mm material for the rear stays and bridge which is getting pretty thin...kinda like welding cob webs together at times :) Torch angle and heat control are key. Gotta move smoothly and evenly.

This should make a sweet dependable ride with some nice lines. As this is not intended as a "race bike", I set it up for some disc brakes for function and performance vs. weight savings. Lots of dialog on discs on road bikes out there, kinda some interesting reading if you have the time. It'll be interesting to see where the market heads in 10 years. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
And as a parting shot, here's a classic piece. This box crown fork belongs to Michael of NY and came off his Wicked that we'll be doing some work on in the near future. I love these...simple, clean, with some funky style thrown in.




IF52 said...

The car wearing Gulf livery in that picture is actually a 2006 Ford GT

Rody said...

Michael, yep, its a Ford alright... note that I never said the pic was of a Porsche, just the paint was that used on the Porsche Gulf race cars. Despite the car's make, it is the best visual example of the paint scheme we are shooting for.

Cograts on the XL Yo purchase, nice to see you find your Grail in a size that fits :)



if52 said...

Paint on the Yo! turned out nice regardless.

Now change that picture to a Porsche 917K ;)