Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bathed in paint...

Show bike paint today...I'll throw up some pics of Jay's bike as he's on the road watching for updates from Asia, travel safely my friend.

Yesterday, we laid down three layers of primer, today I started by sanding the frame down with 600 grit paper to give a smooth finish and good mechanical adhesion. Jay's paint is going to be a deep black background with translucent metallic blue and green brush strokes. These will compliment a mix of blue/green/silver ano parts. Should be pretty hot. Here's three layers of gloss black, sprayed with a lot of reducer to keep the coat thin and smooth.
Through the magic of the blogosphere, we're to the color stage! The bike is split tops and tails, Indy green on top, grandeur blue on the bottom. No clear yet, just the color layers. Once the clear goes down, the depth will really begin to evolve.
and a shot of the Ho fork...
I put down the first layer of clear and baked it off, so the parts will be ready for sanding and decals in the morning. I had hoped to be done with this frame today, but everything always takes longer than you plan.
I was able to get 6 bars and a combo sprayed up today as well, so I guess things went pretty well.
Email from this point til the show is over will not be a priority for me with time being so tight, so don't expect a response from me for the next week. If it's really important, leave me a voice mail and I'll get back to ya.


Roy said...

Sweet paintjob, made me wonder if "we" shouldn't start a GROOVY owners page with pics of all the bikes you've created sofar. Will talk to my webmaster mate Pim soon ;-)

OldNSlo said...

Wow, that is one cool paint job....
Nice work!