Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday...communing with the air brush

The belt drive project has been a long haul and I wanted to finish it off with a paint job I've been jonesing to try...a tribute to the classic WWII bombers.

Growing up near an airport, there was this old decommissioned bomber that sat outside the hanger as a relic of time past. Weathered and forgotten, it still had a measure of pride as it sat motionless. I remember it's riveted shell sporting stains of rust and haphazardly placed id numerals offset in color by a hand painted bullseye. It was one of those childhood curiosities...boy I would have liked to jump the fence and climb into it if only for a few moments.

I wanted to recreate this childhood memory but have not found the right project, til now.

So, that's the backstory, here's the frame... and fork to match. Gonna build it up with blue anno king parts and a polished crank.

I hope this one flies!



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rmb said...

That looks great; I really like the 650B wheels. I used a Surly 1x1 to try them out as the frame is cheap and has a lot of BB drop. The BB height is only 12 inches with 650B wheels. The only problem is that your luv bar should be on a better frame, lol.