Saturday, February 21, 2009

Time is runing out...

Yep, I've been full steam, averaging somewhere between 14 and 17 hour days right now. Probably won't go home the last two days before the show. It's easy to forget just how long everything takes when it's just one guy.

I was not going to put up much of the show bikes, but Goyo has been hankering for a taste of paint, so what the heck...

Goyo is one special guy. When his father, who was instrumental in bringing cycling into his life, passed away the family was left with a hole in their life. Goyo decided to take his passion for cycling and honor is father by starting a festival in his honor. Not only did this festival bring together his family, but the whole community pitches in and it has now become world renowned gathering of folks who love to have fun on two wheels.

In commissioning a new bike, Goyo wanted it to incorporate the colors from the festival logo, a rich blue and yellow.

In designing the bike, I took some special care to insure that the details were looked after; not only staying true to the colors but also the graphic details as well, the cog and rounded banner.

So, the bike sports some rich metallic radiance colors that will explode with vibrancy in the sun (disclaimer...cell phone pics just do not due it justice).

The main body of the bike is a midnight metallic blue...what could be hiding under all that masking?
Lets peel away some and see...oh, it's a sparkly sunshine yellow :) Should look good in the Philippine sun.
With the masking off, it's really starting to look like something.

Decals and the first of 5 coats of clear...

Goyo's ride will sport painted to match White Brothers 650b Magic fork and Luv handles...should be very cool.
Gonna go to sleep for a few hours then back at it before the sun rises.
Nighty night,

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Goyo said...

Can't wait to race it!