Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday... a lil' bit of everything

Quick post tonight as I'm cooked...

I got off duty from the FD at 0700, ran home, showered up, and took the family out for a bit of breakfast. Nice to spend some quiet time with the family before engaging myself for the balance of the day.

The temps warmed up for a bit and the ice began to melt...
I worked on some paint items today, finishing up Roy and Mels final clear and tidying up the final coats on the Trivia Bottle opener that is going to Allen Louie for his correct answers in last weeks contest. I'll throw up a pic of the final product Tuesday. I'll be making up some key ring dropout bottle openers for our runner ups :)

Next up was a 29er Ho fork's a little vid for ya;

I also repaired a Salsa Mariachi that had a puncture through the top tube adjacent to the head tube. I filled the puncture and fabricated a gusset plate to reinforce the area. Should be much stronger than the original piece...that's what you should expect from a repair. I was really surprised with the lack of quality in these frames. They are very popular, look nice at a glance, but hide a lot of issues. Just removing the paint from the headtube for this repair revealed undercut welds, burn through, and unbelievably, they did not even remove the mill scale from the tubing!

I guess that's why you can get a shipping container full of frames from Maxway for 8 bucks a piece :(
You get what you pay for.

Finally, while I waited on clear to bake out, I worked on some Luv handles...welding on end caps. That's a lot of time bent over the weld table ;)

Look for another contest this week...I'll be giving away a Groovy Shop print from Sherrick photography.


Stevied said...

Luv the shirt.

rmb said...

Hmmm, I think the Salsa frames have paint problems, no wonder.

Rody said...


Gotta hold the torch high for my buds Steve and Denise who are churning out the FB magic in AZ.

RMB...I've not heard of the paint problems on the Salsas, but a quick trip through the blaster before painting would solve many of those issues.