Monday, March 16, 2009

In the land of sun...

Wow, where to begin...

Each year I take a little trip out to Arizona to re-charge my soul, take in some single track, and visit some friends. Leading up to this years departure was a bit torturous and comical at the same time.

I knew I had lots to get done in the shop before I could leave as well as a commitment to Em to take her to an out of town volleyball tourney, so I buckled down mentally and got to it. Here's how it shook out...

Friday was a 16 hour day in the shop, ending around 2300 hours, where I worked on Jeff and Rogers frames for the upcoming Groovy race series, which begins at the end of the month. I got the front triangles all done up and began on the rear ends before I ran out of time. Went home for a bit to have some nourishment, grab a few hours in the sack, then back at it.

Got to the shop at 0400 Saturday and started working on Ti Luvs for the next month. Neil at Rohloff is due a shipment of Ti bars, which I had hoped I would get out before the show, so I was under some pressure to get those out to him asap. I worked til 0645 then ran home to pick up Em for her volleyball tourney. Spent the day at Hiram College watching the girls have ups and downs as they played some very good teams. Their teamwork improved as the day wore on and they finished with a final win and we headed home, arriving back at 2000 hours. Big breath, then back to the shop.

I had to leave for the airport at 0400 Sunday morning, so I had to work efficiently. Burned on through the night and got the Ti Luvs done, packed and ready to ship for Neil and a few others. Ran home and packed at 0200...I had made a list, so I thought I was good to go. I tried to grab an hour of sleep, but you know how that goes...afraid you are not going to wake up, always looking at the clock, etc... so not much rest going on.

When I busted arse out of the house at 0345 to head to the airport, I thought..."man, I'm doing good, I'll be right on time." It was only once I arrived that I realized I did not grab my backpack with all my clothes and personal items in was still sitting in the hall where I left it so I would not forget it...Ughh!

Really though, who needs clothes on a bike trip? So, although I planned to pack minimally for the trip, this is a bit more minimal than even I like. Got the bike and riding equipment though, that's a high spot!

The rest of the trip in was pretty low key. I got to ride the Desert Classic trail yesterday, very nice flowy trail that begs you to go faster than safe at times :)

Gonna hit the National trail today. Hoping to hook up with Chris B. from Texas, who drove in with two of his Groovys for a little time away as well.

I'll be out of the shop til next Sunday, so I'll catch up on email when I return.



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rmb said...

Geez, long work days. Whenever I am in a rush I always feel like I forgot something. I also always forget my lunch in the morning, so I get this bright idea to put my keys in the refrigerator with my lunch. I figure I can't leave without my keys. And what happens, I go crazy looking for my keys all morning.