Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ride On opens it's doors...

The big city of Woo has a shop again.

Best of luck to Bill and Jackie as they begin a new career and business, I'm confident they will be successful in bringing two wheeled joy to the folks in town.

Here's the Ride on family (l to r) Jake, Jackie, Bill, Brian, and Hoss

The inside of the shop is tidy, well designed, and quite inviting.
Good to have folks with a desire to share the love of cycling at the helm.


stevied said...

Good luck to Ride On. No town should be without a LBS.

((lyledriver)) said...

Thats pretty cool.

Theres a shop called Ride On in Vancouver BC, and its one of the best BMX LBS's in existence.

They also have had a series of secondary stores..

Ride On Again
Ride On Top
Ride Away

They had a web presence in the early internet days.. but now looking them up just points to a shop in Australia.