Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Work for March...

Reality bumped me in the head today as I looked at what I needed to accomplish this month.

Here's what needs done;

- Mike W's Yo change up...disc tab/brace, cable guides and Team Violet paint
- Mike NYC's Fat paint and decals
- Michaels the seat tube and new powder for frame and fork
- Todd's Yo... new paint
- Kevin's custom bullmoose bar
- Begin fab on LD stems
- Jeff's sponsored frame for the 09 season
- Roger's Groovy Series drawing frame
- Mike S Lemond...repaint
- monthly Luv handle orders

I'd be set if not for my annual Arizona trip slam dunked right in the middle of the month...30 pounds heavy and haven't been on a bike since November... should make for a heck of a month.

Gonna finish Mike's fabrication and start on Kevins bar tomorrow.



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IF52 said...

I'm off on Wednesdays now, wanna ride next week tubby?