Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring team bikes underway...

March...the harbinger of spring and important because I've got less than 20 days to get the sponsored bikes done before the beginning of the season.

Each year, I offer up sponsored bikes, custom fit to each rider, to use for the season to spread the Groovy love. At the end of the season, the guys can turn the bike back in, where they become demos, or keep it for what it costs me.

Here are some blurry phone shots of Jeff's frame coming together...gonna be a 29er single speed that he will be racing in the endurance series this season. 100 miles on a single speed; I'm glad there are some hardcore guys out there, cause it sure as heck ain't me anymore ;)

I'll knock out Roger's front triangle tomorrow and then onto the rear triangles.
Tomorrow night, I'll be posting up some stuff for sale that needs culled due to some spring cleaning, check back y'all.

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