Thursday, April 23, 2009

As promised, a vid for ya...

I'm pooped, so here's a quick recap for y'all.

Tuesday and Wednesday I finished up the construction in the shop; two windows, one door, new wiring in the addition for lights and outlets, new red awnings and flashing over the door and roll up, re-located the blaster, and hauled a load of scrap wood out to the knob for the next bonfire. Christi figures I was pretty tired from the last couple of days as I chased her out of the bedroom with my snoring...sorry sweetheart.

Lot's happening in the shop today; blew an air line on my media blaster, broke a #0 center drill off in a piece I was working on, cussed a bit, worked on some paint and powder, and finished a stem or two. This was one of those days that work was just and not much fun. Glad that the balance still hangs towards the enjoyment side of the scale.

As promised, here's a quick vid on the fabrication process of a classic LD stem for ya...

Christi came in and packaged/shipped some freshly powdered Luv handles...steelies went out today, Ti next week if you all are watching the mail boxes.
Back to the FD for a three day stretch...hopefully I'll have time to catch up on some coorespondance and post a contest before the month is out.


Anonymous said...

Nice video, and sweet work! I think I just figured out what "LD" stands for...Not load dispersal!

nalax said...

Shiny black powder, that might be my next frame color! What black is on the luv handles?

Thanks for the video!

laffeaux said...

Rody is that 1-1/8" or 1" stem? It looks good. :)

Rody said...

Nalax, the black used is the same I use on the bars...a 50# box of powder goes a loooong way :)

Laffeaux, the body of the stem is 1.125 tubing and the quill adaptor is made to fit a 1.125" fork. This one is going on Jerone's custom Crisp Ti frame for the EHBE show next month



flamme rouge z├╝rich said...

some pics here