Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Last post was from Friday's work and now it's Wednesday evening, wow, the week is moving fast.

Where'd the time go? Looking back here's how it broke down...Saturday/Sunday/Monday I put in 60 hours at the Fire Department, Monday evening I helped teach a Pediactric Advanced Life Support Class, and Tuesday was taken up teaching a Rope rescue class at the Fire Training Center.

That left me basically today to get back into the swing of the shop. I finished up Roger's frame fabrication; I had forgotten to braze on one cable stop...that's why I use a fabrication check sheet that includes all the little pieces parts required for each build and check them off as I go. I'd hate to paint up a frame just to find that I left a single braze-on off. Believe me, I've painted for other builders and have found these issues after the fact, it sucks to be on the receiving end of the bad news. Anyhoo, here she hangs, awaiting paint next week once a decision is made on colors/design.
I've also been working behind the scenes a bit on tandem for Vernon, an Amish friend who powders all my Luv handles for me, as he can do an entire run in his oven with space to spare. This is a fillet brazed dude with a step through rear cockpit. It didn't start out like that though. The traditional top tube made Betty's dress ride up uncomfortably (too much leg showing) so it had to be cut out and replaced with the step through...never considered that :(

That's why each bike is special to the individual :)

So, here's the tandem with the new "dress friendly" design... finished it today.
I've also been diligently working at stripping 10 frames to get ready for paint...Mike W's Yo, FatMikeNYC's '83 Fat, Todd's Yo, FF's "cunt" bike, Eric's Potts, Mike S's Lemond, and a few old vintage rides that have found their way into my care. I absolutely hate stripping frames as it is a pain in the tushy; dipping, scraping, fuming off, blasting, sanding, blasting again... it is only worth it once the final product is gleaming in front of me. Nice to see an old bike look new again.

Today was the first day of the year that I would consider spring-like. Here's a shot of Frankie out back learning how to play a little frisbee. Cute as a bug's ear, no?

Gonna hit the sheets early tonight to recharge for the next few days in the shop..suppose to be near 70 tomorrow, I may start early so I can justify sneaking out to ride a bit.

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