Thursday, July 15, 2010

It was a hard decision...hit the trail or the paint booth early to beat the heat, 'cuz neither is fun when it's 95 degrees with like 100% humidity.

Ultimately, the paint booth won, as I'm better at self imposed guilt than playing hooky.

I finished up the final two clear coats on Todd's Yo and BOI fork.  They came out really nice, should be one sweet ride once built up.

I then ran to the paint shop to begin matching up some color chips for Sue's upcoming road build.  She was kind enough to sacrifice her kitchen ware for inspirations sake...

Now to rack my brain and come up with a cool pattern to work them together on her frame.

I also began parting Ti and welding steel end caps for the July bar run...kept at it til the sweat dripping off my nose into my weld helmet got too distracting :)

I finished up the day finalizing the building plans for the new shop speaking with contractors to insure all was in order...we break ground on Monday!

Funny how when it's all staked out, it does not look very big.  Once the framing goes up, I'm sure that will all change.  Shop will be a "L" shape, with the main rectangle being the shop and the small leg the office space...if you squint real hard you can kinda sorta see it (it doesn't help that I cut the picture off, oops)

Ti bars tomorrow, see ya!


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