Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saturday I broke free from working for the man and got straight on Todd's Yo resto.  Todd desired something a little more fun and unconventional than the typical Fat paint, but still with the old school class.  I got to work drawing up some masking, a nice Yo Eddy and a FAT logo, for his frame that will soon be clad in a mix of candies.

I took Sunday the 4th off from both jobs and put in 4 hours of trail work at the Knob to get ready for the race this Saturday.  Sunburned and covered in mosquito bites, I felt emboldend that I earned some trail kharma and am hoping for a stellar turn out this weekend.  More on the race later.

I've spent the last two days flat on my back as the kids and I all came down with the stomach flu within hours of each other.  Christi's had her hands full as we've all been useless and whiny.  I was able to eat a bit tonight and keep it down, so hopefully am turning the corner.

The good aspect is that I've had some time to watch the Tour...did any of y'all overseas have a chance to catch a few of the early stages in person?


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