Monday, July 19, 2010

Thorn Time Trial

What can I say...Sunday's time trial at Findley State Park was a hoot.

The day dawned early for all the folks at 331 Racing as we hit the park en mass to set up for a beautiful day filled with racing and smiles.  By the time I arrived at 0900, the guys and gals had most of the start area ready to go with just a final check out ride to confirm the directional markings to be completed.

Nab and his crew had done a spectacular job getting the trail ready, but Mother Nature had cursed us with a hour long down pour the night before.  Kevin and Mike C. returned from the check out ride looking quite a bit dirtier than they left a mere hour before, but the sun was in full force and fingers were crossed that the few wet spots would succumb to the heat and yield a dry, tacky trail.

With a 115 riders of all abilities ready to go, a printer error delayed the start a good 45 minutes...really a double edged sword.  The participants were gracefully patient and were rewarded with much better trail conditions once finally released from the start area.

The race it's self was quite rewarding, as regardless of ability, each racer could ride to the pinnacle of their skills in a match against the clock.  From Expert to first time racers in blue jeans and converse tennies, most everyone had a grand time.

Team Groovy did really well.  Jeff returned from his extended family vacation to turn in a solid performance.  Despite hitting the ground on three occasions (sampling trail conditions I'm sure) he turned in the winning time for the Under 35 Expert class.

Steve was dismayed with his performance...riding the course for the first time and confident that he did not ride well, he surprised only himself with his 2nd place finish, the rest of us knew he'd kill it.

Cary continued to represent with a blazing fast time for the over 35 Expert class, riding away with a 1st place.  Although he did not meet his personal goal, to finish before his wife Andrea hit the trail for her personal time trial, he still broke out his characteristically subdued smile at the end.  Andrea really stroked the pedals and charged all the way across the finish line...not bad for a slightly older than twenty something mom who only likes to ride downhills :)  Maybe will be lucky and catch their oldest daughter Sidney on the trail for the next race, hint hint.

Kalten spun out the 9 miles on his single speed, carving up the turns and finishing a respectable third in the 18 and under Sport class despite taking a wrong turn for 300 yards and having to retrace his steps back to the proper trail branch.  The necessity of proper maintenance was reaffirmed, as he lost his chain twice on the fast rooty down's always the mechanic's kid's bike that is in the worst shape ;)

It was great to see so many new faces out enjoying the venue.  If y'all enjoy the trail systems we have in our state parks, make sure to drop a line to the State Park office an email of appreciation, user feedback is so important.

Congrats to Tracy... a first time racer, although she posted the slowest time on the course, she was rewarded with a Groovy Luv Handle for her effort.

Hope to see everyone out at Manatoc on September 4/5...


pics stolen from 331's Facebook page...thanks guys!

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Experthasbeen said...

Looks like your lack of sleep has made you more delirious than usual. I was actually 2nd, and Jeff Cochran got first.
Thanks for all the hard work, and maybe I can still convince Sydney to race at Manitoc.