Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Because you asked :)

another shot of the scalloped fork end, with a tab grown on...

The crown is up there ^ a bit more ;)

think we can keep this up til I leave for the show?  A bit each day to keep you curious, kinda like a slow strip tease. 



Roy said...

Not allowed to watch online striptease at the job, please get n#ked asap before they'll find out ;-)

EnginCycles said...

That Ringle skewer is a real blast from the past. They were from my hometown and I knew just about the entire crew.

dicky said...


Rody said...

Blast from the past??? I thought the Ringle Twisters WERE the new style :)

Jeff and the guys were really the front runners in the boutique components game and have inspired many small manufacturers today.

Bring back color! Maybe that needs to be on a button.